Weight Loss or Healthy Lifestyle?

Weight Loss or Healthy Lifestyle?

You must have read many articles, blogs, and spent hours on Social media just to find the easiest or very effective ways to shed off those extra pounds, Yep! You guessed it Correct, I am talking about one of the most discussed and hot topic that you guys Google; How to lose weight fast?, best ways to reduce those extra pounds, easy ways to lose weight, home remedies to lose weight quickly etc. Unfortunately, you have ended up reading the entire legendary topics and myths about: Weight loss, Obesity, diets, calories exercise, nutrition etc. On the journey of seeking knowledge, you actually end up getting confused and leave Hope & Confidence. No matter how many times you sit on the merry go round; fortunately there are very simple ways to achieve your target. Definitely I am not gonna type anything magical or teach you to rub the magical lamp like Aladdin making your wish of Perfect Body come true. Very simple, tried and tested ways are there which you have read allover but get misguided.

No exercise, makes you fat? We all have that clock ticking in our heads stating that lack of exercise can lead to weight gain. Well obviously you don’t put on body fat if you don’t exercise. You gain it due to excessive levels of Blood Sugar than what we actually are using. So not very surprisingly, we are just simply junking in too many Calories. Daily Exercising has many benefits to your health which help out to burn excess calories. The major mistake we do is reading the headline and start following the wrongs ways. Only exercise is not gonna be effective or going to make you slim, if you are eating more than your required or daily needs.

You may be Google or gather all the information but the only rule is to remember that, taking more calories than you are burning; your body calories will accumulate as fat and will make you gain more weight.

Sleepless in Weightland! Not taking adequate sleep is one of the causes for weight gain or maintaining the healthy weight. Proven methods and studies advise us that constant sleep deprivation results in intake of highly fatty and carbohydrate foods, as less sleep can reduce the levels of Leptin and Ghrelin(hormone that regulates metabolism and hunger). Eventually depriving sleep increases the intake of calories and diminishes the willpower of yummy but not so healthy food, and thus the Weight Gain. So if you don’t want your weight to become a land of unhealthier lifestyle, start to sleep for adequate time.

Stress is part of our daily routine! Yes! I know you must be thinking what does she knows about our lives and so easy to say to reduce stress. We all have problems and stresses of our lives, but honey no matter what excuse you come up with yourself; Stress does cause Weight Gain, Obesity, Hormonal Imbalance, Heart Issues, and High Calories when you take big scoops of Ice cream and many other body related problems. I won’t say do yoga, go for walks or do all that you don’t feel like or have no time for. You know the best possible ways what can distress you as per your surroundings. So try opting ways that makes this stress away from you.

Meditation is only for saints! No matter how much you ignore and feel very old grandma type’s tricks, but it really does helps in many ways. Meditation has to be a part of lifestyle to get rid of all the issues in lives from physical to spiritual. I won’t type more but to even prove me wrong you have to try it. Not telling you to go to aloof jungles and become a Saint but try at a peaceful place and time for even 10min a day. You will experience a wonderful change in concentration level to relaxation of your mind, body and soul. Don’t judge without trying!

Delaying it to Tomorrow? This headline above justifies what I am trying to explain, so just start from now and today itself rather leaving it for tomorrow, which will never come. Medication- A big No No! You have read everywhere of those pills and how dangerous they are, Still most of the population try it secretly. Not all of them are bad. Many are trying to help us as all the ingredients are not available around. So consult your doctor before taking any Ayurvedic, Homeopathy or Allopathic medicines.

There can be other issues for weight gain and having unhealthy body like Hormone imbalance, genetic, other health issues etc and there are ways to treat those too by consulting a Doctor and taking medications. So stop believing in wrong Weight loss myths and following the simplest ways to change your lifestyle.

Hopefully, this helped you all in some way. The granny remedies you search to achieve that weight goal? It’s all about lifestyle changes, nothing more. The wrong habits that we have adapted are the ones you need to work on first. Try the daily surrounded by you remedies and I am sure you will have the perfect healthy Body for lifetime. Above mentioned are the first steps to having a healthy lifestyle. You chose what you want Healthy Lifestyle or Weight Loss?

Mubashir Patel
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