Safed Muesli / Musli


100% natural Safed Musli / Muesli in 800 Mg vegetarian capsules.
Take 2 capsules daily after meals
Cruelty-free product
Vegetarian Capsule



Safed Musli has innumerable health benefits.

Immunity Booster: Enhances the immune system and body vitality.
Combats Sexual Disorders: Safed Museli cures premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
Treats Arthritis: Safed Muesli has anti-inflammatory properties which are very effective for the treatment of joint pains and Rheumatic arthritis.
Anti Diabetes: Safed Muesli is a powerful antioxidant. It manages blood sugar levels.
Promotes Bodybuilding: Safed Muesli promotes muscle growth, tissue restoration, and recovery.
Loses Weight: Consuming enhances metabolism which is very helpful if you want to lose weight.

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